Watch on the Rhine
Monroe Actors Stage Company – Capitol Theater
Zona Ludlum – Director


MASC is happy to announce that auditions for Watch on the Rhine will be held on Monday, February 10 and Tuesday, February 11 at 7:00 pm in the Historic Capitol Theatre in Waterloo.

There are roles for adults, aged 25 through seniors, and children aged 9 through 14. Rehearsals begin on February 17. Performance Dates: April 17-19, 24-26. 

In Watch on the Rhine, set in 1940 in Washington D.C., Fanny Farrelly is expecting the arrival of her daughter Sara, Sara’s German husband Kurt, and their three children who have fled Europe because of Kurt’s work in the anti-Nazi resistance movement. When a Romanian houseguest who is a Nazi supporter discovers Kurt’s identity, he threatens Kurt and his family. Published in 1941 by Lillian Hellman, a brilliant activist who was ahead of her time, Watch on the Rhine is a timely examination of moral obligation and sacrifice. While it is often described as a political thriller, it is not heavy-handed. In fact, it feels like a very human story with some unusually interesting characters at a compelling time in our history.


Anise, aged 55+, French employee and companion to Fanny who helped rear Sara and David 
Fanny Ferrelly, aged 55+, widow of US Supreme Court Justice, mother to Sara and  David 
Joseph, aged 60+,  butler for the Ferrelly household, a Southern gentleman of color
David Farrelly, aged 30+, attorney, sister to Sara, in love with Marthe
Marthe DeBrancovis, aged 25+, American wife of Romanian Teck DeBrancovis 
Sara Farrelly Mueller, aged 35+, American wife of German Kurt Mueller
Joshua Mueller, aged 14, son of Sara and Kurt
Bodo Mueller, aged 9, son of Sara and Kurt
Babette, Mueller, aged 12, daughter of Sara and Kurt
Kurt Mueller, aged 40+, husband of Sara

Those who audition should prepare for the audition by familiarizing  themselves with the script and expect to read from the script. The director is Zona Ludlum. If you have questions or concerns contact her by email