An active member is anyone who shares the mission of MASC and has volunteered for a MASC event (show, camp, gala, board, committee, etc.) anytime during the current or previous show season. This includes actors, director, assistant director, stage manager, light/sound engineer, music director, musician, stage hand, costumes/set design/construction, usher, ticket salesperson, work day volunteer, camp director, counsellor, gala planners, board/committee members, etc.

A Patron donor at producer level or higher is considered an active member in the season for which they donate.

Non-active members include anyone who has not been involved in a MASC event during the current or previous show season, but has been a previous active member in MASC prior to that time. 

Membership continues until the member requests removal, or until the MASC board of directors removes a member for reasons indicated in the MASC Manual of Operations.


Active members who are 18 years old or older are eligible to vote for and serve on the MASC board of directors as well as other privileges.

All members receive emails, newsletters and other information.