Caitlin Bromberger
Hello MASC friends! I’m Caitlin Bromberger of Columbia, IL. I’m a wife, a mom, and a fanatic for the arts. You may be wondering...who are you? I know, I know, I recently made my debut in The Solid Gold Cadillac and am a spring chicken in the MASC community, but I can tell you this — I’m in love! In love with the culture, the people, the theater (in general and MASC), and all the inner workings to bring the arts into the community.

I am running in this year’s election for Board of Directors, in hopes that I can serve this incredible theater and its patrons. I have been involved in the theater realm for over twenty years. As a former member of the Bellarmine Speech League, to a 1st place regional winner and national competitor in Duo Interpretation in the National Forensic League Speech and Debate Association, to high school and college plays, and a Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival participant; my knowledge of the stage and adoration for the craft fuel my passion to work in a leadership capacity.

I can guarantee that I will bring 110% dedication, commitment, enthusiasm, and passion, in all facets, to serve you as a member of the board. Because needs of the theater company change constantly, I have a readiness to learn and an ongoing interest in educating myself to be the most effective leader for you. Thank you for the opportunity to be a potential member of this board and extraordinary theater group.

Aaron Dillard (returning board member)
Aaron has enjoyed being a part of MASC for many years. He enjoys being on the board of directors and working with the community of theater lovers. He values his time on the board which has included responsibilities such as board president and vice president, operations chair, building and facilities chair. He has also loved being involved with shows on each level both on and off stage. He values his time and efforts dedicated to the arts. Aaron also serves on the Monroe County Arts Alliance (MCAA) board as MASC's primary representative. He wants to continue to strive to find new ways to have MASC work with the other groups in the community, while also doing what is best to keep our theater filled with motivated and active members that have a solid patron following.

MASC has been perusing ways of possibly starting a black box theater to spread our wings into some shows that could be fun to do on a much smaller scale. The board is always brainstorming on how they can improve the company and include more opportunities for the members to be involved in what it is they love to do. Aaron has been a part of a team of great people working through this pandemic on ways to continue to provide theater to the community in ways the theater world has not seen before due to these restrictions. Some of these efforts are setting up a zoom account so that our theater and MCAA can continue to do much needed business while social distancing. He has set up a YouTube page for MCAA to showcase the community's talents and has been working on setting up a YouTube page for MASC as well. The board has set up free classes for the community to continue their education in theater and hopes to continue this adventure well after the grant runs out.

There have been many unprecedented decisions that have needed to be made for our group and Aaron will continue to be in the forefront of working towards a goal of what is best for MASC. He is excited to possibly start live-streaming our shows during this pandemic in hopes to bring theater to life in the homes while there may be many who will not be able to safely join us right away. He is sensitive to the fact that this isn’t the same as being at the theater but it’s a temporary fix to something that is out of everyone’s control.

The board is working hard to get everyone back to doing what they love and we are looking forward to seeing all of our theater family and friends again under one roof as soon as possible. Aaron thanks everyone for their continued support over the years.

​Matt Dossett
Matt Dossett has been a member of MASC for over 20 years. He has worked in various positions within the 35 shows he has been associated with at MASC. From script prompter, box office, acting, stage crew, tech crew, directing, and designing sets. He has also worked with several other theatre companies, including serving on the Board of Directors for one.
Matt has brought in over 300 new members with the last three shows he’s directed. Several nominations and awards were received for these shows. There were 15 TMA nominations, and two wins, as well as three Patron’s Choice Awards for Alice in Wonderland. Little Shop of Horrors brought three BPA nominations, for which Matt won for Best Scenic Design. Little Shop also took home ten Patron’s Choice Awards, including favorite show of the season! It’s a Wonderful Life brought in seven TMA nominations.
Matt would like the opportunity to help MASC bring in new audiences and members if elected. His knowledge of theatre companies and what worked/ didn’t work for them would prove to be an asset to the organization as a whole. Matt essentially grew up in the theatre, and MASC has served as his home for over two decades. No matter how many shows he does elsewhere, he keeps coming back to where his passion was ignited all those years ago. With your vote, he wants to create the same feeling he felt, and ignite more flames throughout our organization.
Matt would like to work more on implementing shows that have more children and youth involved. It has seemed like every other year we have a show for our future generation but we really need to embrace and educate them for our group to remain successful when the time comes for them to take over. The youth within our theatre are just as important as the senior citizens and everyone in between.
Matt is also an advocate for Arts for All and would like it to become customary for our theatre to hold a minimum of one sensory friendly show per season. The benefits of these performances are much higher than originally thought. MASC has patrons that would most definitely appreciate and utilize these altered shows.
Thank you for your consideration, and in advance, your vote.

Carol Harms
I am willing to serve on the MASC Board because community theater is a vital form of art, communication, and entertainment. As a former speech and debate teacher, I definitely recognize the need for opportunities for both young and old to express themselves through art and drama. I have loved working in MASC productions for the past four years, as well as enjoying being an audience member for several years before that. Any good organization needs leaders to guide it through its mission, and I am willing to be part of that leadership. I have no axe to grind nor any particular purpose in running for the board except that I care very much about our theater program and want to see it continue to serve the needs of the community of Waterloo and all Monroe County.

Linette Hermanns
I was pleasantly surprised and honored to find out that I was nominated to serve on the MASC Board of Directors.  I have always loved theatre, doing many shows in Highschool and a few in college and have been active in MASC for the last 4 years.   I do not have Theatre Accolades to share, and I am certain that is not why I was nominated.  I do have 30 years of business experience specializing in developing revenue streams and business growth.  I have served many years as President of Sts. Peter and Paul school board and am currently on the board at Gibault Catholic Highschool.  My contributions in these environments included advancement, development, and enrollment as well as fundraising programs.

I believe the success of any organization such as MASC requires a clear vision for the future, coupled with the hard work and collaboration of many people who contribute based on their own expertise and experiences.    I feel very strongly about the contributions that MASC offers our community, and I would be 100% committed to helping MASC attain growth in every area necessary to continue to flourish and provide Community Theatre for many more years to come.

Thank you for your consideration and for your contributions that support MASC.

Reagan Posey
You may see my name listed as a candidate and immediately dismiss it simply because of my age. However, before you take my age into consideration, first try to consider other qualities that I personally feel are of much more value: passion, drive, work ethic, reliability, responsibility, professionalism, charisma, positivity, organization, and cooperativeness. I feel strongly that I have exemplified all of the aforementioned qualities during my time as a member of Monroe Actors Stage Company.

I started off the way most teens do, involving myself in the Stages for Students Summer Theatre Camp in 2014. Fast forward to 2020, and I’ve involved myself with as much as I could, whether it’s ushering for any shows that I’m not already in, volunteering my services to any and all shows, coming to work days, serving on the Gala Planning Committee for several years and the Play Reading Committee, creating and managing the MASC Instagram account, advertising all of our amazing events as much as humanly possible, attending board meetings, assistant directing, stage managing, etc. All of these choices have ultimately led up to running for the Board of Directors.

Working with children, I have seen firsthand how passionate young performers are about theatre. My age should not be a hindrance, but rather, a benefit. The youth of this company have so many ideas about how we can thrive and continue to grow and prosper. We are tech savvy and we know how to market efficiently to younger audiences as well as our older demographic. We are capable of so many great things but are rarely given the opportunity to share them. I can change that by serving as the voice of the younger generation of MASC. I hope you’ll seriously consider me as an ideal candidate to represent our theatre company. Thank you.

​Kelly Shaw
First, Thank you to whomever  nominated me. I am honored and touched that you thought of me. Just moments before the call about the nomination, I had been telling someone MASC'S  story and encouraging them to audition and or attend.

While I have not been on the "scene" much over the last several years,  it has been an honor to have been a part of MASC and it's 20+ years. Every chance that presents itself I brag on MASC's accomplishments like a proud Mom.

It is time for me to be part of MASC again and contribute to it's rebirth after the shut down. I will bring renewed spirit, refreshed eyes, along with new yet somewhat experienced perspective. Out of the Quarantine  came the opportunity for online classes. Helping to continue and grow performing  education is something I would very much like to be involved with. Furthering  MASC's name and outreach to the community is another area I have passion for. Sadly to my surprise there are local people unaware of what's happening at the historic Capitol Theatre. Directing, Props, helping to choose shows are all areas where I would like to serve. I have too much free time and spending it with MASC would be a privilege. It's time for an encore. Lol.

Thank you to the Board for your consideration.

Maria Wilken (returning board member)
MASC is a thriving Community Theatre. I am extremely proud to be a part of this theatre family. MASC brings people from all walks of life together and makes our community stronger. We encourage, support and learn from one another.

I currently serve as MASC’s Membership Chair, keeping an updated membership list, sending out MASC emails, planning Membership Meeting/Social, and maintaining the MASC website and Facebook page.

I have been involved in MASC from its first year. I have directed Arts for Life BPA award nominated shows and MASC award-winning shows. As an actress, I have won several Arts for Life awards and MASC awards. I have extensive theatre knowledge both on the stage and behind the scenes.

In the future, I want to see the continued balanced seasons of shows, keeping in mind what our audiences want and what actors of all ages would like to be involved in. I will advocate for more theatre training and workshops for all ages. I will continue to find ways to make MASC more visible in our community. I am focused on finding ways of making MASC more handicapped accessible.

Thank you for considering me for continued service on the MASC Board.

In-person voting for the MASC Board of Directors is coming up. Voting will be held outside the Capitol Theater in Waterloo Saturday, Aug 1, 3:00-5:00 pm and Sunday, Aug 2, 12:00-2:00 pm. Social distancing will be observed. Active members are eligible to vote. An active member is someone who is 18+, and has been involved in MASC in any way for the 2018/19 or 2019/20 seasons.

There are four openings on the board. Two current board members have agreed to stand for reelection: Aaron Dillard and Maria Wilken. The following new nominees have also agreed to stand for election: Caitlin Bromberger, Matt Dossett, Carol Harms, Linette Vogt Hermanns, Reagan Posey and Kelly Shaw. Please see the nominee statements below.

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