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The Flood by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel
(MASC's performance of The Flood has been chosen as an Illinois Bicentennial Event)

Monroe Actors Stage Company of Waterloo (MASC) proudly presents the production of The Flood opening Friday, September 20 at 7:30 pm.

25 years ago tragedy happened in this small community of Monroe County and others around it near the Mississippi River valley. But out of the ashes was born something powerful and heart warming. A community of friends and neighbors moved to higher ground and rebuilt their town of "Meyerville" (Sound similar to Valmeyer?).

As college students, the composer/writer team of Peter Mills and Cara Reichel visited this area in 1993 and interviewed many who experience the 1000 year flood that year. They created a beautiful script and music composition that clearly shows the heart of what brought this community back together.

MASC produced The Flood once before with outstanding reviews in 2007. Please note that two extra performances have been added on Thursday nights.

Tickets are now on sale. Reservations can be made on the MASC website or call 618-939-7469.

Cast List

Mason Babcock — Raleigh Keller
David Zimmermann — Mayor Keller
Reagan Posey — Susan Frye
Tyler Morgan — Curtis Mowers
Maggie Dillard — Alice Wright
Hannah Sochowski — Rosemary Wright
Jeff Clinebell — Ezekiel Wright
Christine Miller — The River

David Shanks, David Philip, Howard Heavner, Ellen Heavner, Jim Lough, Mark Sochowski, George Obernagel, Julie Callaghan, Maria Wilken, Dean Douglas, Regan Aycock, Kylee LaRue, Elayna Hermanns, Linette Hermanns,Emma Wittnauer, Daniel Hohnbaum, Cheryl Hohnbaum, Ethan Ellis, Julie Grosse, Carol Harms, Dennis Knobloch, Suzanne Giro

Amber Dillard – Director
Marcia Braswell – Musical Director
Doylene Daniels – Asst. Director
Rebecca Zimmermann – Asst. Director/Stage Manager
Tyler Cooley – Asst. Stage Manager